Monday, March 28, 2011

A Trip to Halle's Field

Halle's Field is an oasis for the kids from La Chureca.  Hands shot up and kids jumped out of their seats when Norman and I went around to the classes the day before (yup. kids are notified the day before or the day of if they want to go on a field trip. Parental permission doesn't exist down here) to ask if anyone was interested in going up to Halle's Field.

And what's so exciting about Halle's Field? Its an open field complex about 25 minutes away from La Chureca. There is open space to simply run, laugh, play and not worry about medical waste, syringes and broken glass lying around on the field.

Well that seemed simple enough to me. Even though nothing in Nicaragua is simple to figure out logistically, the day worked out perfectly for the kids!

Who is Halle and why does he have a field here in Nicaragua? He's an ex-pat who has been down in Nicaragua for 12 years now. He built a pretty impressive complex over the past 12 years that provides a safe place for kids to come play (mostly soccer and baseball). There are also classrooms for enrichment, and a computer lab for computer classes. its a pretty impressive place (It also served as the perfect location for our wedding 2 weeks ago!) People embrace service in all different ways shapes and forms down here!

Here is a little video of different clips from our day playing at Halle's Field.


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