Tuesday, May 24, 2011


After 3 long months of visiting office after office, waiting in line, receiving mixed messages, filling out forms, filling out the wrong forms, paying LOTS of random amounts of money through official receipts at banks and waiting some more, Norman, our coach in La Chureca received his visa to come to the United States for 3 weeks this summer!!! Here's the proof!

Norman is coming to the States to join thousands of youth from over 150 countries around the world participate in the World Scholar Athlete Games and World Youth Peace Summit. The Institute for International Sport is hosting a world games, and peace conference for youth from across the country this summer from June 22nd until July 4th. Click to read more about the World Youth Peace Summit, and World Scholar Athlete Games.

Norman will be coming home with me on June 22nd, and will be spending a few days in Philly before heading up to Boston for a dispatch concert, and onto Connecticut for the Conference. We hope to visit DC and NYC during the week after the conference. He (and I) could not be more excited.

We are hoping that Miguel will be able to come as well, but along with everything else in Nicaragua, its really a process. Unfortunately the process for Miguel is a bit longer and a lot more frustrating than it was for Norman. Such is life in Nica...

Norman has never been on an airplane. The only country he has been to outside of Nicaragua is Guatemala, where he went to a lacrosse tournament with LtN. Luckily, we were able to book a plane ticket on my return flight to the US so we can travel together for the first time. Flying for the first time? I can only imagine how mind blowing this experience is going to be. I can't wait to watch him and experience it with him!

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