Wednesday, May 11, 2011


As I have gotten busier, my blog entries have been few and far between. Sorry! I don’t think the next 6 weeks are going to get any less crazy. A good crazy though- everything is progressing well and we’re hoping to have a new program site up and running in Managua before I leave!
With that said, my time down here has not focused solely on my work with the lacrosse program. I have had the incredible opportunity to get to know some Nicaraguan kiddos who have completely changed my perspective of “tough” and “resilient”.
Last February when I was down here on my first trip, I met Diana, age 5 and Elias, age 3.  Their parents weren’t capable of taking care of them properly. Malnourished and neglected, I was aware of how desperate their situation was just by looking at them. Diana did not speak a word, and showed zero expression or emotion. Elias, though adorable, had incredible tough skin and a bloated stomach, a sign of malnutrition.

The two kids were taken into a “safe house” in a neighboring town. The home has permission to take care of the kids while the parents get back on their feet. I have had the chance to see the kids after a year of love and care.

It’s amazing to see how humans are capable to develop physically, mentally and emotionally after being neglected and forgotten. Every time I walk into the house Diana and Elias come running to the door with open arms and an audible laugh. I am humbled and hopeful by the power of unconditional love. The resilience that these two tough kids have showed in spite of the struggles that they endured proves to me that we, as humans, are capable of handling far more than I have ever had to in my life.  I hope that if I ever face extreme adversities, I will remember these two kids, their ability to endure, and their unbelievable gift to be able to love and trust again.

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