Saturday, April 30, 2011

What do you want to be when you grow up?

This week's lesson is on goal setting- aiming and shooting at a lacrosse goal, and also working towards goals that the students have in their own lives. I was a little hesitant about this lesson. I wondered if these kids had hopes and dreams or if uncertainty about where the next meal may come from completely negates the perception of “future”. Yet, this week gave me a definitive answer. These kids dream- they dream big!

The classes this week began with a discussion about hopes and dreams. Each student was asked to write down a dream for the future. I was shocked, and thrilled by the responses we received.  These kids definitely hope and dream-just like kids in the states do.

Some students want to be pilots, astronauts, firefighters and models. Others aspire to be policemen and women, ballerinas, doctors and lawyers. Why?

Rosa wants to be a lawyer when she grows up so that she can help innocent people.
Mayela wants to be a doctor so that she can help people who are sick.
Maria wants to be a teachers because she wants to help kids learn how to read and write.
Jeffery wants to be a good lawyer so that he can have food to give to his kids.
Ruth wants to be a police woman because the streets are too dangerous and she wants to be able to make them more safe.

The lessons in the following weeks discuss steps to achieving one’s goals, the benefits of a positive attitude, and the importance of asking for help and seeking help and support from others.

How incredible would it be if (in the future) LTN was able to provide scholarships for kids to help their dreams them come true?  This fits perfectly with LTN’s mission to incentivize and motivate kids to stay in school...

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