Monday, April 4, 2011

Pictures from the last few weekends

Last weekend I got invited to Tatiana's Birthday Party! (shes in the blue shirt with the white writing).  The is one of the girls that lives in a safe house that I often visit. Daniel and Jessenia (the only white guy in the pic and the women in front of him) work for an organization that supports families and kids.  They have a home in which they kids live until the families are more stable. There are 6 incredible kiddos living at the house right now. We brought Tatiana's family up for the party. Neighbors came too!

Daniel and Elias 

Everyone got a turn! When you aren't swinging away, you have to dance.

This weekend began with a trip to Masaya Volcano. A very good friend of my sister's from high school, Dave,  is here in Nicaragua working for 9 months. We spent the day together today. It was very refreshing to spend time with someone who knows me and who speaks the same language!

And then to Laguna de Apoyo

 It was refreshing to SWIM, SPEAK ENGLISH and relax.

 Sunday I got a wake up call at 4:30 to begin our drive to a town called Rio Blanco in the region, Matagalpa.  It's smack in the center of Nicaragua. I went keep my friend, Priscilla, company.  She is planning a trip for a group of students in June.  Priscilla is the daughter of the family who owns the hotel in which i'm staying. She is very involved in helping out her own people! Its been an interesting experience to see different parts of Nicaragua through her eyes. Here are different pics from the 3 1/2 hour drive there, and 3 1/2 hour drive back.

Bicycles never just have one rider... Road conditions were also quite something.
I wasn't a huge fan of this bridge

This is the "border between the Atlantic and Pacfic. Smack dab in the middle.

Our final destination- a small church in Rio Blanco

Yup. thats a pig on the back of the horse. we reversed 50 yds to get out of the car for this pic!

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