Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter- Nica Style

Well I can't say Easter felt very Eastery, but the Easter bunny made its way to Nicaragua none the less. (thanks to my mom!)  The church service ended with a performance of a clown.  I spent the afternoon on Sunday up at the safehouse with a group of wonderful kids, there weren't any Easter traditions, or celebrations that I noticed.

With that said, I did experience one amazing Easter tradition here in Nicaragua. In Leon, a city 2 hours north of Granada, carefully designed murals depicting scenes from the bible are laid out in the city streets. 20-25 murals covering 4ish blocks of the city were all being worked on by members of the community. They used saw dust colored by fruits, flowers and other natural dyes. The murals are walked over and destroyed as the community processes to the church on Easter Sunday.

Some of the murals were clearly well thought out, and beautifully done by artists. Others looked more like "paint by color" designs as the colored saw dust was patted in. There were a number of Nicaraguans and tourists there checking out the murals and watching the artists work. I'm not really sure how everyone found out about it. Word of mouth perhaps- as most things seem to work here in Nicaragua. It was such an amazing afternoon, and a unique tradition to be a part of.

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