Sunday, April 24, 2011


I disappeared for a few weeks- I couldn't bring myself to be on the computer very much when I had visitors. Hopefully these pictures will give you an idea of how incredible my last two weeks have been!

Mom and Dad arrived on the 13th and lived my life here in Managua for a few days. We went to The School of Hope to see the program in action and meet all the teachers, coaches and kids who have allowed the program to take on a life of its own here in Nicaragua.

Friday was Mom's Birthday. It also happened to be Diana's birthday(one of the girls who live at the safe house). My mom hasn't had a birthday celebration like that in a long time. It didn't matter that Mom and Dad couldn't speak the same language as the kids. They definitely figured out ways to communicate!

Here are the Birthday girls- my mom and Diana!

My sister and a good friend from college, Rainey, arrived over the weekend. We stayed at this amazing resort named Jicaro Ecolodge on a small island in Lake Nicaragua. It was the most gorgeous two day escape! I heard about the resort from a mutual friend who works for the US embassy down here. He also knew about the Nicaraguan "resident" discount that I talked my way into.

I think the shower was one of my favorite parts!
We spent the day exploring Granada and Masaya, two towns close to Managua, after our day on the lake!
My parents headed home first thing on Tuesday morning and the rest of the crew Katie, Rainey, and Dave (a friend from Highschool who is currently working for a microfinance non-profit organization in Masay for 9 months) headed to Isla de Ometepe. Recently named one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the world, the island was a perfect place for the 4 of us to explore for 3 days!
Here is the view of Concepcion volcano on the ferry on the way over. 

Nicaraguans have a very different perception of "3 kms" What we thought was going to be an easy afternoon stroll up to a waterfall turned into a difficult 8-10 mile hike. Waterfall definitely made it worth it!
Stopping on a dock on our way home to watch the sun set. 

Katie and Dave in a field of plantain trees
Ojo de Agua- a man made swimming pool in the middle of the island. The water is natural river water that runs through the man made pool. It was clearly a popular spot for Nicaraguans and "gringos" (white people).

Dave, Katie and Rainey

After an exhausting and amazing week, the rest of the visitors headed home yesterday. It was such a joy to share a glimpse of the nuances of my life here- from the relationships I have with the Cisneros family, Bismark and his family and the girls at the safe house- to the absurdities, efficiencies and joys that inevitably come along with life in this country. Anyone else want to come to visit me!? 

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