Friday, June 17, 2011

Favorite Moments

I can't begin to recount everything that has happened in the last few weeks. I also can't believe that I will be home in 5 days. Times flies. My weeks have included lots of adventures and traveling, progress and hope for the program, sadness and despair for a few families from the dump, visitors and lots of laughs. Below are a bunch of pictures capturing some of my favorite moments.
 I've Spent a lot of time with Bismark and his family. This is his middle son Bismarksito, sporting my New York City Marathon shirt that I wore and loved for years. I'm glad its being put to good use!
 Diana, Margine, and Elias on the tire swing!
 I can't get enough of that smile
 A gorgeous sunset at the beach in Gran Pacifica
 another sunset shot
 The frogs came out at dusk!
 I don't know if Miguel understood what his shirt said, but he and Norman, our two coaches in La Chureca live and breathe the slogan!
 I had no idea blob tag would be so popular here in Nicaragua. We used the game to teach that you're more effective working together as a team than you ever could be alone and the kids just LOVE it!
 Visitors! Justin and Dave have been here for the last 2 weeks. Amazing!
 Off to surf.
 Norman has earned all of the kids respect. Its amazing to watch them stand in a straight line and listening intently to every word that comes out of his mouth!
 Stepping back to take it all in
 If I had a nickel for every fist pump I've had with Bismark I would be a rich woman.
 a picture after our swimming/ rock jumping/ hiking adventure in this gorgeous canyon close to the Honduran border in Northern Nicaragua.
 At Bismark's house after a hard day of work.
 group shot!

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