Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Program Updates!

For those of you interested in the organization, here is a program update and all we have been able to accomplish in the last 3 months! Its far exceeded my expectations and has been such a joy to be a part of!

I have exciting news to report from Managua! LtN is currently ironing out the details to start our second program here in Managua. Now that we have a life skills curriculum and a functioning, self-sufficient program at Colegio Esperanza in La Chureca, we are excited to dive into a second program here in the city. The 100 students in our program have really responded well to the life-skills curriculum in La Chureca. In an a very unstructured, dog eat dog community, our program provides structure, order, and motivation for a group of highly energized kids who need an outlet for their aggression and energy. The coaches have done an absolutely incredible job implementing the curriculum and gaining the students’ respect.

As we expand, we are partnering with Manna Project to create an opportunity for future interns to come down for 13 months at a time. The volunteers will help out  with the lacrosse program, and participate in the other programs within Manna’s community here in Managua. This sustainable approach will allow LtN to have a volunteer on the ground checking up on our programs and constantly seeking to improve what we do and how we do it!

We have chosen Chiquilistagua Public School for our second program site. After a few positive conversations with the director of the school, we are really excited to move forward with a director and a school who are really passionate about our program, and are flexible and willing to work with us to figure out the logistics! The school is located in the community where Manna has already built trusting relationships.

We are also excited to welcome a few new coaches into our LtN coaching staff here in Nicaragua. We are in the process of recruiting and hiring a few role models for our students to set a good example, convey the life skills curriculum, and give the kids an opportunity to have fun! We will support our new coaches to continue their education so they can set an example for all of the kids in the program.
We will keep the updates coming as we iron out all of the details. We will introduce our new coaches and share some details and pics of our new site before I leave Nicaragua and head back home in 3 weeks! The program will kick off in August when an LtN group will be down to train the coaches and introduce the kids to the sport! Thanks for all of your support and enthusiasm that has made this possible! Please let us know if you have extra gear lying around that you could donate to the program!

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