Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Commute to Work

I have written a lot about people and experiences- its what has been most important to me down here. However, I'm not sure I've done La Chureca justice. I don't know how I can possibly use words or pictures to describe the despair, the smell of burning trash, and the people who work day in and day out digging through the trash to find recyclable items to sell...

I took pictures on my "commute" to work yesterday. Perhaps this will give you a slightly better idea of what I see, experience and try to get my head around every day.
Random cars parked/ stuck in the middle of the road

Trash is not limited to the dump. Its EVERYWHERE...

Cars share the road with horse carts

Stray dogs and naked kids... (its common to see kids on their own. Everywhere)

The entrance before turning into the dump

The road right down in.

Piles of plastic waiting to be bagged and recycled

The center where recycled items are traded in for money

Construction for the recycling center

The pile where they're currently dumping trash

Houses right on the edge of the community
The people of La Chureca are incredibly resourceful
Laundry hanging on the line
The road through the community
The front wall of the school
The oasis inside

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